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When circumstances change, you may need to rethink your custody order, visitation agreement, or support payment. Hire an experienced attorney to help you through the process. I am dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals. The goal is always to find a workable solution that fits everyone involved. Custody modifications are normal and anticipated. Our goal is to determine what the best options are including in situations of moving, employment changes, or other circumstance changes.

Consider the Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

It’s not always necessary to take your legal battle to court. Alternative dispute resolution allows you to settle a divorce, custody matter, or another issue outside of court. This allows you to maintain more control over your decisions and the outcome. One of the ways we do this is through mediation. A certified neutral third party will facilitate the discussion. This allows couples to express their concerns and communicate their needs openly. The goal is to reach a settlement that both parties agree on.

I will attend and help you prepare for these sessions. You’ll never have to go into a meeting blind. We’ll discuss the facts of your matter before your scheduled mediation and talk about what you can expect to achieve. My clients often are better prepared for mediation and that gives them an edge. Let’s discuss whether mediation is right for you.

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We’ll Help You with Orders of Protection

An Order of Protection is a document issued by the court and signed by a judge to protect from harassment and abuse. A judge can set limits on your partner’s behavior. With these, the judge may be able to:

  • Order the partner to stop abusing you or the children

  • Tell your partner to leave and stay away from the home, workplace, or family

  • Tell your partner to have no contact with you including calls, letters, emails, or messages through others

  • Order your partner to stay away from children, babysitters, daycare, or schools

  • Decide issues related to custody, visitation, and child support

  • Order the abuser to pay expenses related to medical care or property damage

  • Require or recommend behavioral programs

This order doesn’t guarantee your safety, but it can help you to get help from the police faster, help you protect your family, and aid in minimizing other risks. Talk to us about what you’re going through and get the help you need from an experienced attorney in these matters.

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