A Family Law Advocate Who Gives You Unparalleled Support

With decades of experience acting as a voice for Kansas and Missouri families, attorney Christen D. Shepherd offers strong litigation skills and compassionate counsel.

Fiercely passionate family law services in Kansas City

Whom Will You Trust With The Intimate Details Of Your Life?

Family law is a deeply personal area of the legal system. It determines your life, your family structure, and your ability to grow and support yourself financially. In many cases, family law conflicts require you to talk about details of your life no one else knows about or understands. When you work with a family law attorney, you need someone on your side who can hear your story without judgement and who will focus on fighting for all that you deserve.

Solo practitioner, Christen D. Shepherd, is highly experienced. As an industry-recognized attorney known for her passion and commitment to her clients, Ms. Shepherd is an attorney with your best interests at heart. When you work with her, your future is her priority, and she goes above and beyond to pursue your rights and best outcomes.

Vigorous, Highly Adaptable Family Law Services

Family law issues rarely stop with a single process. For instance, a divorce often requires extensive property division and co-parenting agreements. You need to focus on finding an attorney who will bring passion and commitment to your full family law needs. At Christen D. Shepherd Law Office, we are a resource for families in every stage of legal needs, including:

  • Growing families in need of prenuptial agreements or adoption services
  • Families undergoing divorce and its subsequent child custody and child support procedures
  • Families whose new phase of life requires updates to prior agreements

At Christen D. Shepherd Law Office, we help you understand the full extent of your legal needs, evaluate your options and make a fully informed decision about your future.

Ms. Shepherd is prepared to help you with your case. Her case history includes over a decade of successes, including for families whose needs span the Missouri/Kansas border. Contact our office by phone or via our online form today.

Christen D. Shepherd